About Us

Our Educational and Care Philosophy

We at CCH believe Children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment.

We believe that each child is individual, unique and important, and has the right to develop to their full potential by providing a curriculum that allows children to explore, imagine, create, problem solve, develop independence and play often.

Creative natural environments and rich diversity are the foundations of CCH's essence, which support our children’s learning and development. We strive to create a place of love and laughter, in a positive and relaxed setting. Every child is understood and appreciated at Caterpillar Club House.

We are dedicated to ensuring we offer high quality, safe, welcoming, happy, supportive and accessible home like environment , and educational environment that caters for individual children’s and family needs.

We at CCH believe that parents and families are children’s ‘first educator’, and we aim to:

  • Welcome parents and family members with respect and sensitivity
  • Encourage communication between staff and parents / carers
  • Respond to individual family needs and respect the diversity of families

We believe that the staff are the Centre’s most valuable resource. In order to provide a high quality of program we aim to:

  • Value the skills and knowledge that each individual staff member brings with them
  • Respect the diversity of staff backgrounds and experiences
  • Encourage ongoing professional development opportunities and maintain a safe and supportive working environment

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