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Caterpillar Club House Child Care Centre recognises children as unique individuals, and as such, we and aim to enhance all areas of your child’s development, which includes physical, social, emotional, self help, cognitive and language skills. Individualised programs are provided to cater for children according to their age, stage of development, and children’s interest. Our qualified educators team this with regular observations and note taking on each child, so you stay up-to-date and informed on the progress of your child.

The diversity of cultures is recognised at Caterpillar Club House , and an anti bias approach is fostered throughout the curriculum and centre culture. Based on child observations, reflective evaluations and family input, this curriculum is based on the early years learning framework, where the curriculum evolves through the day together with intentional teaching.

The program aims to contribute to the following outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework:

    • The child will have a strong sense of identity.
    • The child will be connected with, and contribute to, their world.
    • The child will have a strong sense of well-being.
    • The child will be confident and involved learner.
    • The child will be an effective communicator.

To ensure individualised learning, children are separated into learning environments with age appropriate programs that are aimed at developing and challenging the child. Our qualified educators plan these programs based on individual needs and age specific outcomes, which focus on the journey of learning – not the final outcome.


Our Curriculum includes the Early Years Learning Framework which involves reflection and assessment of learning and children working towards the 5 learning outcomes, the focus is on the process of learning rather than the end result. To ensure children are developing, challenging their abilities and achieving outcomes, regular observations and assessment of learning occurs throughout the year.

Educators use a variety of observation methods and reflections to assist children to meet their fullest potential. End of year reports are provided to families together with child portfolios as a keep sake for the year.


At Caterpillar Club House Child Care Centre we believe in working with families to benefit the child, Therefore communication and partnership with families is important in regards to your child’s development.

Our qualified Educators provide regular observations based on your child's progress and development. Observations allow for educators to set learning outcomes for your child within the curriculum. Reports are completed at the end of the year, providing a summary of your child's development and progress in accordance with the early years learning framework.


The curriculum is an extension of our philosophy as well as the early years learning framework and incorporates the 3 B’s into learning:


Children feel safe secure, accepted and supported within their environment.


As educators we allow children to be children and develop awareness of their social and cultural heritage of gender, and their significance in their world. Children develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities.


Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and a sense of agency.

Caterpillar Club House have created special learning environments for your children, changing as they develop. We have a Baby room , Toddler Room, Kindy Room. Each of these environments caters to all age specific exploration and discovery, in accordance with the early years learning framework. This involves a weekly program for indoor and outdoor environments, which provides a balance of experiences such as: active / passive, formal / informal, self directed / other directed, solitary / social, structured / unstructured, small group / large group

These learning experiences aim to develop sustainability awareness, science/technology/problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, expressiveness, cognitive and investigation, language and literacy, music and movement, social development, physical development and diversity. These are incorporated within the program through stimulating experiences, which encourage play. Play allows children to learn through a process of problem solving, exploring, social interaction, role-play and communicating, which results in children becoming successful learners. Staff will choose experiences and resources that are appropriate and foster these skills through play.

As well as whole group programs, Caterpillar Club House ensures children have small group and one to one interaction between teachers and other children. To encourage interaction we incorporate music and language programs, allowing opportunities for children to express themselves creatively. Exposure to music is important to a child’s development, as it expands concentration when exposed to classical and instrumental types, as well as rhymes and dances exercise their thinking and concentration to follow instructions. This is teamed with our language programs, which monitor children’s expressive and receptive development, and aim to expand their abilities and the content of their vocabulary and use of sentence structure.

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